Maharishi University Hosts Visitors Weekend for Prospective Students

Fairfield, IA (PR Web) November 27, 2016 – The decision to attend college can be life changing. The national freshmen retention rate for all schools is 65.7 percent. The importance of determining which school is the right school is critical for success and saving money and time. The typical educational experience at most universities and colleges is changing, 38 percent of students enrolled in an undergraduate program are considered nontraditional students and projected to increase by 23 percent by 2019. Now more than ever, there’s a focus and need to provide a non-traditional experience for student and institution success.

On January 20, 2017, MUM will host a Visitors Weekends provide an opportunity for prospective students to enjoy a long weekend on campus to determine if MUM is the right fit for them. Visitors will have an opportunity to learn about CBE and Transcendental Meditation, tour the Sustainable Living Center and campus, learn about the block system, and meet with faculty and students.

Lauren LeBritton attended the December 2015 Visitors Weekend and expresses that her experience on the Visitors Weekend impacted and confirmed her decision to attend Maharishi University of Management. Lauren is a current freshman at MUM and is incredibly fortunate and excited to be a student.

“The event itself is set up to be extremely welcoming. I felt like the organizers really took us under their wing, telling us what to expect and their experiences with the school, teachers, TM, etc. I also felt like I got pretty close with the other people attending the Visitors Weekend, which really helped to make MUM feel very comfortable for the few days I was there. I loved visiting classes, and getting to meet some of the students and faculty. My favorite event was the little celebration that was put on for us. It was cozy, and personal. Experiences were shared, I felt so comfortable. That event really set the stage for what MUM is really like, a place where everyone is accepted and we can have those personal relationships.”

Maharishi University of Management (MUM) is a non-profit, private university located in Fairfield, Iowa that is based on Consciousness-Based education (CBE) approach to learning. CBE enables the connection between the student and the knowledge of each subject. All students, staff and faculty learn Transcendental Meditation which is a scientifically proven technique with over 300 published scientific studies to reduce stress, promote active learning and brain functioning. Registration for the Visitors Weekend includes lodging in the Visitors Center, one style of dormitories on campus, organic vegetarian meals in the dining halls, and all events during the weekend. Travel reimbursements are available to U.S. prospective visitors with financial need to help cover the costs of attending the Visitors Weekend. Open registration closes the Monday before the Visitors Weekend so sign up in advance to secure your place here.

Media Contact:

Lindsay Taylor



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