Redbooth App Review

Redbooth is a task and project management app that both individuals and teams can use to work together and accomplish their needs. There are many project and task management tools and app available but they are not created equal. Some lack features of communicating with your team and others do not allow you to add components to the task needing to be completed.

Redbooth is all about simplifying and streamlining task management within workspaces. Each workspace that you create in Redbooth can be an individual project or the smaller parts of a larger project with dedicated collaborators in each workspace. This allows for great collaboration with each user in the dedicated workspace. The free version is meant for individuals that need assistance with productivity and task management for each of their projects. The Professional and Business plans allow for multiple users and greater integration of other third party programs and platforms with the Business plan costing the most but providing the most integration and usage. If you are looking for an app that will enable you to collaborate with others to complete tasks and projects for your workspace, then give Redbooth a try.

Basic Features of Redbooth

Reporting is vital to the success of a project or a business and a must for productivity’s sake. Redbooth, thankfully, has taken great care in providing reporting options to its users.  The “Task Overview” option in reporting allows users to track the progress of each individual task within a specific workspace or all the tasks within all workspaces with the following:

  • Workspace
  • Status (active, urgent, resolved)
  • Assignees
  • Start and Due dates
  • Creator and creation date
  • Last updated

Below “Task Overview” is an option to generate reports for the tasks by specific users to track completion status as well as a calendar option of when tasks are completed or upcoming. A dashboard of each workspace allows users to learn if there are any overdue tasks, unplanned tasks, resolved versus assigned percentage, and trend reports based on new versus active tasks.

Communication is Key

Everyone knows that the success of anything starts with great communications. Thankfully, Redbooth adds this element to their app by allowing users to collaborate and communication via chat right from the app instead of using third party platforms. This allows for collaborators to jump from one app to another on their phone when working on the tasks and projects in the Redbooth app. In the Professional plan, group and 1:1 chats are available but if you splurge for the Business plan, collaborators are able to have unlimited HD video chats with each other and screen share to greatly increase collaboration and efficiency.

Plan vs. Plan, Which Works for You?

As I mentioned, there are three different plans offered by Redbooth and depending on operations’ needs, one will probably stand out that is ideal for you. One of the great things about Redbooth is that if it’s just about you and you aren’t collaborating with others, the free version will be great.  Redbooth is also accessible via PC and Mac so users do not have to constantly be on their phones to get work done. Below is an overview of the different paid plans available to help you determine which will work best for you.

  • The Professional plan is ideal for when there are five or more users collaborating together. The cost is $5 per user per month and is billed annually. The Professional plan includes unlimited workspaces for your users to work within and together to accomplish great things, 20 hours of HD video calls and screen sharing, and tasks integrate well with Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox.
  • The Business plan is ideal for businesses and collaborators that need more advanced reporting, unlimited HD video calls and screen sharing, premium data backup, and integration with Outlook, Zendesk, Box, and MS Project. The cost is $15 per user per month and is billed annually.

Final Thoughts and Wishful Thinking

Redbooth has a lot to offer PR professionals and content creators of any nature with their needs of task and project management. The costs and services provided by Redbooth seem quite reasonable as I work to expand my needs I definitely will consider purchasing one of the paid plans.

The only thing I felt lacking from the Redbooth app was in-house content creation that can be integrated and shared to a variety of social media platforms. As a developing PR professional myself, constant use of multiple apps and platforms to manage my needs is time consuming and at times redundant.

If I could create the “ideal app” for PR professionals and content creators, it would be one that covers all of the communication, reporting, and productivity management that Redbooth has with the ability to create content in the app that can push that information to social media on whatever schedule I determine. In regards to adding that element, the app will also provide reporting and tracking of the success of the posts to social media so that I can adjust accordingly going forward.

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