Passion + Expertise + Value = Success

Entrepreneur · Web Designer · Amateur Visual Designer · Branding Apprentice · Aspiring PR Professional · DIYer · Coffee Lover · Foodie

I provide quality consulting services to the thinkers, creators, and visionaries who want to make a positive impact in the world.

From a young age I’ve always wanted to help others be successful and change the world. I love to learn and even liked school as a child. Naturally, I desired to become a teacher and help middle school students succeed in a time and transition that so much confusion and change occurs within and outside of us. Soon after receiving my bachelor’s degree in Education, I realized that there are other ways of “teaching” than just in a classroom.

In high school I took classes in web design, technical writing, and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I loved the creations I made in class and even took on extra projects because it didn’t feel like “schoolwork” but fun and it soon become a passion of mine. Before getting my bachelor’s degree in Education, I took a few years of Web Design and Development at Full Sail University and took a few workshops in Visual Design and Branding from Skillcrush. Currently I am enrolled in the Public Relations master’s degree program at Full Sail University with an estimated graduation date of August 2017.

During this time I was working as the Front Supervisor as a local café that I loved. The owner is a good friend of mine, looked up to her like a second mom, and even invited me into her family during the holidays when I had no one else or nowhere else to go. I was so passionate about what she stood for and the quality of service and food she provided to the community that I knew I wanted to help her. After some thought I realized that she didn’t have an actual website and her social media presence in town was nonexistence. I took it upon myself to build her a website and amped up her café’s Facebook page regularly without asking for anything in return. I wanted to help her succeed because I believed in her product. A light bulb clicked, and I knew that was how I was going to lead my life, to help those I believe in, those that want to make a difference, and become successful.

In 2016, I started Taylor.d Designs and Communications as a freelancer and I intend to use the knowledge I’ve gained and the learning that is still to come to your advantage and success.


Sure, there are a lot of consulting professionals out there and a lot of people need help but my mission is to provide support to those who aren’t just in it to make the money but to make a positive difference. I value the people working to make the world a better place no matter how large or small their contribution is; better is always better.

I care deeply about my values and my mission so you can expect that I will provide quality service to the right clients. That means, sometimes I will say no to the wrong fit to make room to say yes to the right fit regardless of money.

If your values and mission align with mine and you seek help, I am here for you and would love to speak with you. Let’s change the world!