1. What is Vedic astrology or Jyotish?
    1. Vedic astrology is an Eastern style of astrology originating from the Vedic traditions of India that describes the planetary patterns in the sky at an individual’s birth and provides insight into the individual’s life’s journey.
  2. What is the difference between Western astrology and Jyotish?
    1. In Western astrology, astrologers observe the position of the constellations relative to the changing position of the sun whereas Jyotish is based on the exact and fixed positions those constellations are in the sky at the time of birth. The degree of which the constellation is at in both styles of astrology may differ by a few degrees which produces very different readings.
  3. If Jyotish is supposed to be more accurate, why is it not as popular as Western astrology?
    1. Most of our culture up until the 1970’s rejected Eastern culture or knew nothing about it and become very skeptical of Eastern culture including Jyotish astrology. A great example of this is when the Beatles brought the teachings of Maharishi to the United States. Many were skeptical and concerned about these teaching but recently have become more mainstream with so many celebrities following the teaching and practice Transcendental Meditation of which Maharishi brought to the United States.
  4. Since Jyotish comes from India, do you need to believe in Hinduism to follow Jyotish?
    1. Just as Western astrology provides insights and perspectives to those that believe in it without any foundation in any religion, you do not need to believe or follow Hinduism to believe and follow Jyotish astrology.
  5. How can Jyotish bring balance to my life?
    1. By understanding how and when the planets are operating in your life, astrologers can determine what remedies you can do to negate those negative influences that cause trouble and strife in your life.
  6. What types of remedies can offset negative planetary influences?
    1. Feeding the birds, visiting dogs at local animal shelters, and wearing colors that counter the negative influences are just a few simple actions that can remedy the planetary transits.
  7. What aspects of my life can Jyotish provide insight to?
    1. Jyotish can provide insights and remedies to almost any aspect of a person’s life including personality traits, family dynamics, career, education, finances, relationships including your love life and friends, health, spirituality, travel including the best time to travel, home including what locations are most desirable to reside, and your unique gifts and skills.
  8. How can looking at Jyotish charts determine the right time to marry my partner?
    1. A Vedic astrologer can look at the planetary transits and placements in the various houses for both and determine at what time, even down to the hour, that the two should be married. This does not mean that the couple will live a married life without disagreements but will allow the two to assist each other more towards their inner growth.
  9. Can Jyotish help me find love?
    1. Yes, by understanding the planetary transits of Venus (the planet of love, luxuries, and romance) and Jupiter (the planet of luck, abundance, and joy) a Vedic astrologer can determine the best times to make the first moves, what periods are unfavorable for finding love, and even determine what locations including cities you may have the best chance at finding love.
  10. Why does the Jyotish birth chart look so different from Western astrology charts?
    1. Since the two astrology methods determine the position of the constellations differently, the degrees are slightly off and resulting in a different birth chart and even an entirely new zodiac sign from what people are accustomed to in Western astrology.
  11. Why are there additional planets added to Jyotish astrology?
    1. In Jyotish, Rahu and Ketu are the north and south nodes of the moon. They are added and taken into consideration in person’s chart as they are the points of intersection between the path of the moon and the path of the sun that causes solar and lunar eclipses. These influences can generate conflicts, fears, and karmic situations that a person must face with and work through.
  12. Are there gemstones connected to Jyotish and what can they do for me?
    1. Since there are both positive and negative influences from the planets in a person’s birth chart, gemstones in Jyotish are used to counter or alleviate the adverse and negative influences of those planets. You can also use gemstones to strengthen or boost a specific planet’s favorable influence on your chart.
  13. Why would following Planetary Sara’s social media challenge benefit me?
    1. As the planets move across the sky and through the different houses in your astrological chart, their influences, negative and positive, affect those areas of your life. The social media challenge from Planetary Sara will provide insight to what remedies you can do during that specific period to negate the negative influences and enjoy a peaceful and harmonious time.
  14. How does Planetary Sara use her life coaching experience and training in her readings and consultations?
    1. Planetary Sara incorporates her life coaching experience and training into her readings and consultations primarily with clients that come to her looking for career advice. She identifies by looking at the person’s chart what areas they would naturally excel at then work with the client to develop and set goals to work towards accomplishing those steps.
  15. How can followers and interested parties join the social media challenge?
    1. Those that are interested in joining the social media challenge should follow Planetary Sara on Facebook and Instagram and be on the lookout for when the challenge starts. All participants will need to fill out a short form so that Planetary Sara can provide what specific simple actions each participant must do to negate the planetary transits.
  16. What do participants need to do participate in the social media challenge daily?
    1. Each day of the challenge, participants must share a photo of them doing the action asked of them that day. Each photo should include the requested hashtag that is designated with the challenge.
  17. What benefit does interested parties get for joining?
    1. By using the hashtag in each photo, Planetary Sara will track each participant’s participation. At the end of the challenge, Planetary Sara will conduct a drawing for a prize.
  18. Why is Planetary Sara conducting the social media challenge?
    1. This social media challenge aims to promote awareness of Jyotish to men and women in the United States. With increased acceptance and use of yoga in the United States, it is will Planetary Sara’s hope that increased acceptance, awareness, and use of Jyotish in the United States.
  19. How often will the social media challenges occur if I miss this one?
    1. Planetary Sara plans to conduct a social media challenge, with its giveaways, during each major planetary transit to help ease each participant into the new transition.
  20. What sorts of items will be given away to participants?
    1. The three that will the drawing will be given a free reading. Those that have never had a reading from Planetary Sara will get a full reading. Those that have gotten a reading from Planetary Sara before will receive a planetary transit reading for the whole upcoming year including suggests the person may take to counter the negative aspects of the planets. Everyone that participated at least 5 days of the challenge will receive a code for 40% of any reading of their choice.