Executive Summary

Company Overview

Planetary Sara is a small business ran and owned by Sara Hawthorne. Sara provides astrological readings for clients using ancient Vedic astrology that is quite different from “western” astrology. Many clients use these readings to determine compatibility with their partner, children, career and love advice, and the right time to tie the knot.

Current Plans

Plans are in place to help educate her target audience the difference between Jyotish and Western astrology by developing and creating videos to share on her website and social media accounts. We will emphasize how specific Jyotish is compared to Western astrology, the aspects of an individual’s life that can be read in their charts, and the things an individual can do on a regular basis to create harmony and balance in their lives under different planetary transits.

Current State of Planetary Sara

Currently, no official advertising or social media campaigns has been implemented on the company’s social media accounts. There is also no brand story about Planetary Sara and why someone should purchase her services from other Jyotish astrologers out there. Planetary Sara has social media accounts with Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest but rarely uses Instagram and Pinterest. The only active use of her Facebook account is providing weekly planetary transits and how they affect each astrological sign for the week and on occasion providing discounts on her readings that are not sponsored or utilized by Facebook advertising.

Our Social Media Plan

This social media plan will primarily focus on gaining new clients, followers on social media, and more interaction with said followers. To do so we need to expand awareness of the brand across social media but also the difference between mainstream Western astrology and Jyotish astrology. Development of content to in the form of videos and vlogs to share to her social media accounts, we can utilize those accounts effectively and potentially gain new clients and followers. Once content has been developed, implemented on her website and shared to social media, we will then focus on developing advertising and spreading awareness of the brand via her social media accounts.

The current accounts that have already been set up will be used more thoroughly and effectively within this social media plan. I will gain access to all social media accounts and monitor the analytics of each post and ad that we setup and deliver. Reports will be developed to determine the success and opportunities for improvement within each social media account.

Cost Benefit Analysis

We predict that Planetary Sara will gain new clients and see an increase in followers and traffic to her website and social media accounts which will create positive ROI for the business. We will calculate the ROI by determining where new clients came from, the number of shares that led to followers, sales from new clients, newsletter signups, and new social media followers.


The scope of our social media plan is to support and bring success to the overall business goals set forth by the business owner, Sara Hawthorne.

Social Media Goals

The social media goals of the business are:

  1. Increase followers and engagement on Facebook from the current 346 followers to 500 followers and 100 new followers on Instagram.
  2. Drive traffic to website, planetarysara.com, from Facebook and Instagram.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The KPIs for Goal 1 are:

  1. New Facebook followers
  2. New Instagram followers
  3. Increase in likes, comments and shares

The KPIs for Goal 2 are:

  1. Visitors referred from Facebook and Instagram (Google Analytics)


Tactics for Goal 1 are:

  1. Run a campaign encouraging previous clients via MailChimp to like and share Facebook page to their friends with a short testimonial. Provide a discount on a transit reading for each one.
  2. Run a social media campaign on both Facebook and Instagram to like, comment, and share the post to their friends. Provide a free reading to the winner.
  3. Engage with people that comment on latest posts.
  4. Add a question to some of the posts to encourage interaction and engagement with followers.
  5. Each month create a new “challenge” on social media accounts to increase engagement with current followers.
  6. Develop and launch referral program

Tactics for Goal 2:

  1. Run a Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign to help drive followers to the website.
  2. Post new content, especially videos to social media accounts with a link to the website.


Metrics for Goal 1 are:

  1. Number of new Facebook and Instagram followers
  2. Number of private messages/inquiries on social media accounts
  3. Number of likes, shares, and comments on Facebook and Instagram

Metrics for Goal 2 are:

  1. Number of new visitors from Facebook and Instagram
  2. Amount of time spent on website
  3. Number of pages visited
  4. Number of new visitors
  5. Number of visitors that submit an inquiry on the Contact page
  6. Number of referral links used

Projected ROI of Planned Social Media Strategy

Projected ROI of Goal 1 is:

  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty which will create a bigger following and client base. A referral program will lead to more brand awareness and provide insight into who is loyal to the brand

Projected ROI of Goal 2 is:

  • Increase website traffic using Google Analytics and SEO which leads to more clients, higher profits, and closer to accomplishing business goals. Increased traffic would also increase brand awareness and trust.