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Planetary Sara Launches Vedic Astrology Facebook and Instagram Challenge

Fairfield, Iowa – July 16, 2017 – Sara Hawthorne of Planetary Sara launches social media challenge on Facebook and Instagram to bring awareness of Vedic astrology, Jyotish. This social media challenge focuses on providing simple actions that people can do every day that will bring balance to their astrology chart and planetary influences during the challenge. Vedic astrology is an Eastern style of astrology originating from the Vedic traditions of India that describes the planetary patterns in the sky at an individual’s birth and provides insights into the individual’s life’s journey

The social media challenge will be open to the public and will last for 15 days. Anyone interested in participating in the challenge needs to provide basic information about their birth to Planetary Sara two days before the challenge so that she can provide tailored simple actions for that the participant to do each day of the 15 days. These simple actions include feeding the birds, visiting local animal shelters, and wearing colors that benefit the participants astrological chart.

Planetary Sara is a local Vedic astrologer and life coach providing reading and guidance to her clients including determining compatibility with their partner, children, career and love advice, and the right time to tie the knot. Follow Planetary Sara on Facebook and Instagram to join the social media challenge.


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