SWOT Analysis

Figure 1: swot

Due to the nature of Vedic astrology readings and how they provide insight and perspective to the client, it is inheritably personable and specific to the needs of the client. Since learning and mastering Vedic astrology, which runs in the family, Sara focuses on emphasizes on positive self-care and no shaming whatsoever, the campaign will leverage these strengths by structuring the campaign to be tailored made for each participant of the social media challenges that will promote daily self-care actions and motivational words to live by every day. The campaign will include insights and messages from Sara’s father who has also been professionally providing Vedic astrology readings for years.

The largest weakness of Planetary Sara is that there has never been a social media marketing campaign, no ROI evidence from previous social media challenges and promotions, and no set schedule of posts on the client’s website or social media accounts. Taking over Sara’s social media accounts will enable accurate and efficient analysis of the social media campaign, ROI evidence from the social media challenges and promotions during the campaign, and use of a time management and post scheduler platform for timely posts to the client’s website and social media accounts.

In the Opportunities section of the SWOT analysis, the campaign will leverage these opportunities points by incorporating opportunities for winners of the social media monthly challenges to receive a personal one-on-one 30-minute session with Sara including life coaching and insight into their Vedic astrology chart. Each day of the monthly social media challenge will incorporate and emphasize creating balance and healthy decisions on a personal level.

The threats against the social media campaign for Planetary Sara is that Sara is the only employee of the business and would have to tackle handling all inquiries relating to the monthly social media challenges on top of her regular clients. Luckily, Sara knows other Vedic astrologers in the area that are willing to provide support with the inquiries. Regarding more experienced and popular Vedic astrologers that are a threat to the campaign and considered competition in the market, each astrologer reads an individual’s Vedic astrology chart differently based on the method and form in which they were taught. Though Vedic astrology is not as mainstream as Western astrology, astrology in general is popular with men and women of all ages so targeting the branding and Google Ad Words around astrology will allow the campaign to speak to social media users that have an interest in astrology.