Vedic Astrology 101

This week, Taylor.d Consulting hosted a webinar for their client, Planetary Sara. This webinar focused on introducing their audience to what Vedic Astrology is and is not, including the differences between Vedic Astrology and Western astrology. Topics also included: History and background of where Vedic astrology comes from, Karma and your purpose in life, Planets … Continue reading Vedic Astrology 101

5 Ways Wearing a Kavach Can Bring Peace and Balance to Your Life

Does Mercury Retrograde come and wreck havoc in your life? Did you know that there can be a simple and easy solution to counter planetary transits like Mercury Retrograde and other negative planetary transits from your life? Planetary Sara will host a short 15 minute free webinar on 5 ways wearing a Kavach and gemstones … Continue reading 5 Ways Wearing a Kavach Can Bring Peace and Balance to Your Life

Planetary Sara 15 Day Challenge

Planetary Sara is a small Vedic astrology and life coaching business ran and owned by Sara Hawthorne located in Fairfield, Iowa. Sara provides astrological readings for clients using ancient Vedic astrology that is quite different from Western astrology. Many clients use these readings to determine compatibility with their partner, children, career and love advice, and … Continue reading Planetary Sara 15 Day Challenge